In order to get onto the first page of SERP though, it’s no secret that a site needs to be more than just a technical wonder, it needs to be contextually relevant.

Put simply, a website needs to have large volumes of content related to a specific subject but that content also needs to be original. As in the case of most 1st page websites, some combination of original and syndicated content should be made available to users.

As part of your website, a plan needs to be established which ensures that a flow of new content gets added to the website periodically, that the content be properly navigable within the site and that the sitemap indicate the nature and the freshness of this content.

The industry evolves quite quickly with elements such as Rich Snippets appearing on the scene as Beta features becoming de rigueur within the year. Use of these features will not only enhance a site’s SERP appearance, increasing the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), but even cause a site to appear higher in the results.

GearSix has specialists capable of managing these countless components giving your website its best possible chance of appearing high in search results and also increasing your CTR.